Power Point Issue with EW2009

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Power Point Issue with EW2009

Postby Richatnewlife » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:15 pm

First let me say, we will be switching to 6 or 7 soon.
About 4 weeks ago we started having an issue with PowerPoint files in EW2009. We have never had this issue before. We use 2009 with 2 video cards driving a separate monitor for main output and a third monitor for foldback.
When the PowerPoint is complete, and we click "Go Live" to advance the schedule to the next EW Song or Verse, the "LIVE" display remains on the PowerPoint. Additionally, the "FOLDBACK" display changes and follows the EW schedule. We can naigate anywhere in the schedule, but the "LIVE" display remains locked-up on the last viewed PPT slide. The only solution is to close and reopen EW.
I have tried everything, twice.
Complete reinstall of PowerPoint, PowerPoint Viewer, K-Lite and EW2009. Verified in Task Manager that PowerPoint is called up, it shows that PowerPoint 32 Bit Version is running. Cleaned the registry. I have tried every combination of settings I can think of.
The only thing I am suspect of, is that we upgraded that computer to Windows 10 about the same time. Our other 2 computers do not have this issue. They were upgraded to Windows 10 several years ago and we did not have any issues after installing the Windows 10 patch.
PowerPoint is set to "Use Current Resolution".

Any suggestions?

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Re: Power Point Issue with EW2009

Postby Terry » Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:00 am

I am sorry but it looks like you have tried everything that I would have suggested. You might try installing the EasyWorship 7 beta and see if it works correctly with it.
Terry Stout
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