Driving HD TV monitors via SDI

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Driving HD TV monitors via SDI

Postby KenWells » Thu May 25, 2017 10:22 am

Our overhead BenQ XVGA projector just died and I am researching options to replacing our projector/screen system.

Our sanctuary seats about 300 and the Aisle is about 60 ft. long.

My idea is to change to a pair of 65-75 inch HDTV's, one on each side of the chancel.
I propose to feed them from our computer in the balcony via a HDMI to SDI converter and then use SDI to HDMI converters at the front of the sanctuary to convert back to HDMI at each TV.
We already have a pair of 48 inch HDTV's on the inside of the chancel (for choir/worship leader use) that I would also like to feed with the same SDI signal.

The run from the computer in the balcony would be about 100-150 ft (Up, over, and down) to the first TV, then split to the other three. I assume we would need a SDI to HDMI box for each TV.
I have been looking at BlackMagicDesign micro converters (about $85 US) for the computer and TVs. (one up & 4 down)

My questions....

1) Would this work well?

2) Is there a better way to do this?

3) Are there better converters?

4) Would HDMI over CAT6 work better?

5) What quality of cable would I need to this length of run to maintain HD quality?
We already have some grey coax installed from the balcony to the front, feeding the two existing TV's with old-style Composite (yellow connector) video. I do not yet know whether it is RG-59 or RG-6 or some non-descript video cable. It isn't labeled and was installed before I arrived.

6) Are their video graphics cards available that already have integrated SDI output?
Are they affordable?
Do they have dual monitor capability (HDMI for the control screen, SDI for the Projected TV display)?

7) If we run video clips from the computer CD drawer, would we have problems with HDCP blocking the clips from the SDI feed?

8) What am I missing that I don't know to ask?

We are currently only running EasyWorship (latest version) for worship slides and the occasional video clip. We are not running any live video feeds, but If I would do this inexpensively I might consider it.

I would prefer to avoid running any additional cabling from the balcony computer station to the front of the church. It all goes through a very small space between the ceiling and the roof (about 25-30 feet high to the ceiling)

Thanks for any input and suggestions.

Pastor Ken Wells

Background of the poster:
(to gauge what level of tech-speak you can use.)
I am the pastor of the church, but fairly tech savvy -
I have been an Amateur Radio operator for 43 years, and am experienced with SDR Radios, etc.
I have used computers of various sorts since about 1978 and am sort of the tech/computer geek here.
But I have no experience with SDI and professional level signals/mixing/long distance runs.
I have crimped a fair share of CAT5 & 6 cables for our computer and telephone systems.
I have installed, edited and run various versions of Easy Worship since about 1999/2000.

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